Elsword Fatal phantom 12-3 Dark elves’ outpost gameplay (IMMOBILE TURRET CHUNG)

Hey guys, here is some Chung Fatal phantom for you all. In this gameplay, there’s a lot potion chugging since fatal phantom requires a lot mana, even with that OP awakening passive. I’m also trying to maintain the skill glove’s effect, so I’ll be spamming braveries and let all my homing skills do the work for me.

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  • 10 Void weapon
  • 8 elrianode top with Attack/attacked +9%
  • 8 elrianode bottom with magic attack 2+enhance%
  • 8 elrianode gloves with bravery 5 stack 2+enhance%
  • 8 elrianode shoes with +8% boss damage

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