Hoopa is Based on Hoops for Some Reason (Memes)

Physiognomy and attitudes

It is possible to learn more about the Pokémon by showing it to a hiker at Chaydeuvre Palace in Pokémon X and Y.

Chained Shape

Hoopa looks like a small jinn with black horns and a pink and purple body. His eyes are green and yellow, and he has several golden rings. He seems to float without legs, and his arms detached from the rest float. He has golden rings that he uses to create portals. However, at the beginning of movie 18, he cannot cross his own rings. He gets there at the end. His first form is called Hoopa Chained.

Unchained form

Revelation of the Unchained form in the Corocoro Comics.
His second form, Hoopa Unchained, was revealed during a leak of the magazine CoroCoro Comics on April 13, 2015. In its second form, Hoopa takes a more aggressive form. It has 6 clawed floating arms, a long tail, two black horns on the head surrounded by rings, a beard and pointed teeth. These characteristics are close to those of the Hindu gods, often represented with several pairs of arms. His feet look like slippers. Each of his six arms can reveal a ring that can create a portal, or enter his bust. He also has a big wick. He acquires the types Psy and Darkness. His species changes from “Chenapan” to “Djinn”. The Sealed Vase object is needed to make the shape change.

Male / female differences

This Pokémon is asexual, so there is no male or female Hoopa.


This Pokémon is called Shiny Lock and cannot be obtained in its chromatic form.

Hoopa is a fabulous Pokémon. It has no evolution and is no evolution of any Pokémon.

Magician: The damage abilities of this Pokémon steal the object held by the opponent.
All languages: Hoopa is a play of word between Hula and hoop, the Hula Hoop being the practice of the hoop, as well as OOPArt, referring to the inconsistencies that it creates by moving different objects thanks to its portals.
Pokédex descriptions
July 6 generations
Pokemon X
This troublemaker has rings that distort the space and allow him to ship off any object.
Pokémon Y
He has the ability to teleport things by passing them through his rings. He sends the objects he likes to a hiding place known only to himself.
Pokémon Ruby Omega
He has considerable power under his true appearance. A legend tells that he so wanted a treasure hidden in a castle that he stole the whole building.
Pokémon Saphir Alpha
It is said that with his six rings and six huge arms, he is able to steal anything that pleases him. But his power was sealed, and he was reduced to the state of a tiny being.



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