Jinx Is A Pokemon No One Would Choose (Memes)

Physiognomy and attitudes
Lippoutou looks like an opera singer and a monster of Japanese mythology: Yama-Uba. She has long blond hair, purple skin, five-fingered white arms like humans and a red and yellow dress. She also has a big red mouth.

Male / female differences
This species is composed only of females.

When it is chromatic, Lippoutou’s dress is dark pink instead of red and her hair is slightly lighter.

Lippoutou is the evolution of Lippouti from level 30, from the second generation.

Benet: This Pokémon cannot be attracted. Since the sixth generation, it can not be provoked either;
Prediction: indicates to the Pokémon the most powerful ability his opponent possesses;
Dry Skin (Hidden Talent): The rain and the Water abilities make Lippoutou’s VPs harmless, while the Sun and Fire abilities inflict additional damage and make HP lose each turn. .
English: Lippoutou comes from the English word lip (lip) and poutou (meaning kiss in Occitan) [1].
English: Jynx comes from jinx, which can be translated as “bad luck”. Indeed, the term jinx means a curse, which throws at a person, will attract bad luck or all kinds of small misfortunes. Jynx was also a nymph of Greek mythology who tried to seduce Zeus.
Japanese: ル ー ジ ュ ラ Rougela comes from red (the English word for make-up) [1].
Pokédex descriptions
Generation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Pokemon X
He undulates his hips as he walks and leads people into frantic dances.
Pokémon Y
He communicates using a language that seems to be human. Research is underway to determine what he says.
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Saphir Alpha and Pokémon GO
Lippoutou walks in rhythm, undulates with all his body and sways as if he danced. His movements are so communicative that people who see him are suddenly seized with a terrible desire to move their hips, without thinking.
Ultra-Sun Pokémon
The Lippoutou are swaying on a very particular tempo, and those of Alola are particularly famous for their admirable sense of rhythm.
Ultra-Moon Pokémon
His strange cries are like words. Some musicians compose songs for him to interpret.


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