Shuckle Has a Lot of Defensive Stats for Great Strategies (Memes)

Shuckle Has a Lot of Defensive Stats for Great Strategies!

Physiognomy and Attitudes
Caratroc has the shape of a turtle with yellow skin and a worm-like body, its carapace is red with holes surrounded by white circles. It can store berries in its shell to produce Bay Juice.

Male / Female Differences
There is no difference between male and female individuals of this species.

Caratroc has no evolution and is no evolution of any Pokémon.

When it is chromatic, the shell of Caratroc is blue (indigo in the second generation) instead of red.

Firmness: prevents the Pokémon from being knocked out in one shot when the latter has all his HP.
Gluttony: allows the Pokémon to use a bay held when it has less than 50% HP (instead of 25% usually).
Challenge (Hidden Talent): The effects of the statistic modifiers are reversed.
French: Caratroc comes from carapace, rock (rock) and barter, referring to his talent, which, in exchange for a bay, restores HP.
English: Shuckle comes from shuck (a pod) and turtle (turtle).
German: Pottrott comes from pott (pot) and verrotten meaning “to decompose”, in reference to berries fermenting in its shell.
Japanese: ツ ボ ツ ボ Tsubotsubo comes from 壷 tsubo (jar).
Pokédex descriptions
Generations 2 3 4 5 6 7
Pokemon X
His carapace, hollow like a jar, is used to store berries until they turn into thick and fragrant juice.
Pokémon Y
He keeps berries in his shell. To avoid attacks, he stops under the rocks.
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Saphir Alpha and Pokémon GO
Caratroc hides quietly under the rocks, sheltering his body in his strong shell, while he eats the berries he has set aside. Berries mix with body fluids to produce juice.


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