Wobbuffet is Based On a Punching Bag (Memes)

Wobbuffet is Based On a Punching Bag!

Physiognomy and attitudes
Qulbutoke is a blue creature, halfway between a blob and a punching ball. It is recognizable by his closed eyes in the form of an acute angle and his large smiling mouth, whose upper lip is sawtooth. It has two large flat arms and stands on what appears to be four flat rounded feet. His black tail has a pattern representing two eyes.

Male / female differences
Female Qulbutoks wear lipstick.

When chromatic, Qulbutoke has a pink / purple and not blue body.

Qulbutoke is the evolution of Okéoké from level 15. It should be noted that during a reproduction, if Qulbutoke holds a Sweet Incense, the Pokémon obtained is an Okéoké. Otherwise, it is a Qulbutoke that is obtained.

Shadow Mark: Prevents the opponent from switching;
Telepath (Hidden Talent): Immune Qulbutoke against the effects of allied attacks in doubles and triples.
English: Qulbutoke comes from culbuto, which is a toy, more precisely a small character whose rounded base is weighted so that, even if the toy is hit or knocked down, it always straighten and returns to the vertical oscillating and okay [1].
English: Wobbuffet comes from wobble (oscillation) and buffet (shake, flip).
German: Woingenau comes from a deformation of the question Wohin genau? that translates to “Where exactly?”
Japanese: ソ ー ナ ン ス ス ス ス ス ス ス Sonans can come from ō う な ん す sō na-n-su that can be translated as “it’s like that”.
Pokédex descriptions
Generations 2 3 4 5 6 7
Pokemon X
He hates light. If he is attacked, he inflates himself to fight back with more violence.
Pokémon Y
To hide his black tail, he lives quietly in the darkness. He never attacks the first.
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon GO
If one or more Qulbutoke meet, they compete against each other and make endurance contests. Sometimes they try to see who can stay longer without eating. Better to be warned.
Pokémon Saphir Alpha
Qulbutoke does not do anything, except for beating. He never attacks himself. However, he can not stand his tail attack. When that happens, this Pokémon tries to train its enemy thanks to Prélèvem. Destiny.

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