Your PC Would Be Flled With Rattatas (Memes)

Rattata (English: Rattata, Japanese: コ ラ ッ タ タ att att att,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,) He helped train many beginner trainers in the tall grass of Highway 1.

Physiognomy and attitudes
Rattata is a rat-like Pokémon with a purple and pale white body. It is, therefore, a quadruped, with three claws on each leg.
It has two whiskers that give it more stability to be faster; to attack or to flee. He has two ears whose hearing can carry very far in addition to red eyes with piercing eyes. His mouth has two big teeth. His belly is completely pale white and he has a long purple tail that turns on itself. According to the Pokedex, a study has shown that the teeth of the Rattata repel as fast as that of Keunotor.

Since Pokémon Sun and Moon, Rattata has a new form, called Rattata d’Alola.

Male / female differences
Female Rattata have smaller whiskers.

When he is chromatic, Rattata has the coat that pulls on the green, while his eyes and the inside of his mouth are blue.

Rattata evolves in Rattatac from level 20.

Leak: allows you to have a 100% chance to flee a fight against a wild Pokémon.
Cran: multiplies by 1.5 the attack of the Pokémon when it suffers from a deterioration of status.
Agitation (Hidden Talent): The damage of physical attacks is multiplied by 1.5 but the Pokémon undergoes a decrease of precision.
English, French: Rattata just rat and attack.
German: Rattfratz rat (rat) and fratz (kid).
Japanese: コ ラ ッ タ Koratta comes from 小 ko (small) and ラ ッ タ Ratta, the Japanese transcription of the word rat in English [1].
Pokédex descriptions
Generation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Pokemon X
Living where the food is, this scavenger spends his days looking for her.
Pokémon Y
Rattata’s teeth are long and sharp. As they grow without stopping, he must eat everything he finds to be able to prune.
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Saphir Alpha and Pokémon GO
Rattata is extremely careful. Even when he is asleep, he turns his ears to listen around him. As for its habitat, it’s really not difficult. He can nest anywhere.
Sun Pokémon
He must always take care of his incisors because they grow constantly. If he has nothing to file them, he will fall back on a pillar.
Pokemon Moon
A very resistant Pokémon, able to survive even in very unhealthy environments. It proliferates if we are not careful.
Ultra-Sun Pokémon
His incisors grow throughout his life. If they exceed a certain length, he can no longer eat and starves.
Ultra-Moon Pokémon
Beware of this widespread Pokémon: its powerful incisors are so sharp that they can cut tree trunks.


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