Zoroark Can Transform Into Any Pokemon (Memes)

Physiognomy and attitudes:

Zoroark is a bipedal fox Pokémon in contrast to its pre-evolution. His eyes are light blue and almond. Its coat is mainly gray and black with a more concentrated shade on the bust. Her long mane looks like a hair, attached by a pearl of the same color as the eyes. This predominantly red mane has black peaks, a color that is also found in the pearl area. His claws, the inside of his big ears, the top of his eyes and the ends of his jaws are also red. His legs appear more covered than the body and tufts against the direction are visible at the elbows. Zoroark has the ability to create illusions.

Male / female differences
There is no difference between male and female individuals of this species.

When chromatic, the mane and claws of Zoroark have a purple hue. The pearl is her elastic and her eyes are yellow. His black hair is chocolate.

Zoroark is the evolution of Zorua from level 30.

Illusion: the Pokémon takes the name, the appearance (chromatic and gender included) of the last Pokémon of the team, as well as its Pokéball.

In all languages: Zoroark comes from the Spanish word zorro meaning fox and from the English word dark meaning shadow, obscure.


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